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How to crush your goals

Hello everybody and happy new year! Now do you set new years resolutions and get tired of them in a week. Or are you just too certain that there’s no point in setting those goals because you think you can’t achieve them? I know both those things have happened. Now achieving your goals won’t be easy of course but they probably shouldn’t feel like a chore. If it does maybe reconsider how you’re doing it. Anyway, I thought this post would be a great start to the new year. Here are a few of my best tips on how you can achieve your goals. But before we get started, be sure to COMMENT and let me know if you set goals for your year? And if you do how does it go? Like the post of you are exited and now let’s start.

1. Make them achievable

When you set a goal, this is something you might want tot think of. Is it achievable? When people say everything is possible they may not literally mean everything. And even if you can do everything, you simply don’t have to. Sometimes trying to get yourself to do everything is constricting and it makes things harder for you. Set goals so you can be productive and achieve something. The achievement doesn’t have to be huge. It can be something very small. It all depends on what you need to do.

What will make you happy?

What is something you can do? (something that shouldn’t always feel like a goal.)

Why do you want to do it.

Achieving goals can be very hard. But of your goal is a writing goal then well it should obviously be not just a chore. It should make you happy. And to make you happy the goal needs to be achievable. Writing the first draft of your novel is a good one. Its extremely hard but you can do it. On the other hand writing, editing and publishing your novel all in one year is impossible. You may be able to do it but it’s a lot of work. Seriously its way too much work, and it’ll be very stressful

2. Understand what success is for you

Now success is different for everyone. Understand what it is to you. Not what will make someone proud or something someone else expects about you. Your goal should be about you not everyone else. Your definition of success can’t be someone else’s. It can’t be what spceity expects you to do. Then you’ll never truly feel like you achieved anything. Your goal can be simple, it has to be what you truly want.

3. Break it up

Now that 2021 has started a lot of you are probably making new years resolutions. A great way to get this right is to break it up. Looking to achieve something and do it for the entire year feels like a lot. It IS a lot. So break it up. Look at your goals as monthly ones. Instead of writing an entire novel, maybe write five chapters. You want to edit your novel in a year? Maybe have a word count you hope to edit in the month. It doesn’t have to be just one month of course. It can be more or less. You can also make goals for every few months. Three months is a very manageable time. You’ll have enough time to achieve the goal and it won’t be too overwhelming either. Find that sweet spot and take it slowly. Writing an entire novel is much more overwhelming than writing a few chapters. Or a few thousand words are definitely not that overwhelming compared to eighty thousand words. The same goes for anything else you decide. Breaking the goal up and breaking your year up really makes the whole thing easier.

4. Take it slow

Now we already talked about breaking up your goals and yar. Now lets talk about taking it slow. You probably already split your goals up or that approach doesn’t work for you. Now you need to take things slowly. A year is a long time and you can do it. writing a novel in a year is overwhelming but that doesn’t mean you spend the whole of January first writing half the book. Take your time with things. If you rush it its probably not going to be your best work. Like I said before with taking it up a few chapters in a few months is a great place to start. And seriously a year can be a really long time. You don’t have to write every day in the year. You don’t have to overwork yourself every day.

5. You can’t do everything

I know its annoying isn’t it. But you cannot do everything. How many things do you hope to achieve. If you have like fifty things you need to get done by the end of the year, think again about how much of it you really can do. Don’t tell yourself that to win or whatever you need to do every single goal on your list. Go easy on yourself. Have as many goals as you want but also keep secondary goals. Like maybe finishing half the goals on your list could be an achievement. Also its not always about numbers. You don’t need to create a huge list with many goals. You may have a goal to publish your book that year. Publishing a book whether its self or traditional is a huge thing and it comes with many other things in it. same goes for writing a book. so do not focus on how many things you hope to accomplish and rather what you hope to accomplish.

6. Share your goals

This one is pretty effective. You may be scared of sharing your goals with others but seriously do it. You don’t have to put them on social media although it is a great motivator. I mean hundreds of people seeing you not achieve your goals could get humiliating although you don’t have to do that. maybe just share it with a close friend or family member. Someone who will understand if you cannot do everything. Telling people does help make your goals more real and not just a fantasy in your head. But I understand that it is tons of pressure and more likely to make you a perfectionist and super stressed. Do it or don’t do it. its up to you.

7. Embrace failiure

Now this was sort of covered in the previous point but embrace it. don’t be scared of failing. You won’t actually be failing if you accomplish even a few of your goals. But embrace that idea that you may not succeed in the way that you want to. Yea that’s enough said.

8. Life happens

I’m sorry if a lot of these points seem to overlap but life happens. After 2020 you certainly know that. a reason why you may not achieve all of your goals is because things happen. You may have it all planned out but everything can change all of a sudden. I already talked about achievable goals and not being able to do everything but really sometimes it has nothing to do with you or your abilities. Sometimes its about the things that happen. And the things that change of course. There’s really not much to add on to this so I’m going to get to the next point.

9. You do NOT have to do new years resolutions

I know, I did just spend this whole post talking about succeeding in new years resolutions and goals but you do not have to do them. Seriously, its not for everyone and it certainly may not work for you. You may not even want to plan things out and just want things to happen as they do. and you know what, that’s cool. Do it. But if new years resolutions are a lot and you want something less overwhelming there are tons of alternatives. You can bullet journal, just keep a journal for your thoughts, make monthly goals, goals for every few months and so on. Do what works for you and do not do something only because everyone seems to be doing it

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for you today. It has been a long time since I posted, but here it is. Next week I’ll be posting about writing strong female characters which is really long overdue. Now if its already next week its going to be linked right HERE. Check it out and also COMMENT down below and let me know about goals you make and if you even do make them. also subscribe to my newsletter to get some amazing writerly templates. Like serious template, and my character template. Go grab them now and also look forward to a monthly newsletter from me with writing advice, updates and more. Also leave a like and share this post with your friends if you want to help me out. also my Instagram is @writerashmikaa check that out and that’s it now. Bye!

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