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How to overcome writers block once and for all

Writers block is the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. How many times have you struggled with this? if you’ve been writing for a while or maybe even just started to chances are that you’ve run into this problem a lot. Isn’t it just so annoying when your writing your book and its all going so great but then you blank. A lot of people claim that writers block isn’t real. Now, this isn’t entirely untrue. Feeling un inspired and distracted is very common among writers but ruling this off as writers block and giving up is never a good idea. There are so many people who never finished their books or stories because of writers block and that is sad. If you face writers block, its totally normal but that doesn’t mean you give up on your story. Today I’m sharing with you best tips overcoming writers block. Now keep in mind that there are so many other ways to overcome this. My way may work for me but not for you, its up to you to figure out what works best for you. Today I'm sharing with you amazing tips that worked amazingly for me. I really hope it does help you too.

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What causes writer’s block?

There are many answers to this question and most of the time its due to lack of motivation. It could be because you compare yourself to some other author. Maybe you read a piece of your work and it did not turn out the way you wanted it to. Lack of interest in your own story could also cause this. But the reason your writing this story is because you’re passionate about it. Something inside you responds to this, it means something to you. Would you really want to give up on a story which matters to you?

How to overcome it?

Here are my top 8 tips on overcoming writers block.

1. Outline

When I experience writer’s block and I stop writing I have no idea where to go with my story. You don’t have to get super detailed with the outline, Having even a very basic and rough outline can really help with that. You know what comes next and going on with your story is so much easier this way. You don’t have to spend time racking your brain over what you have to write next. Not having an outline makes it a lot easier to give up. So, go ahead and make an outline. Even if your half way through your story do it. Making an outline makes the writing process so much easier and less daunting. And sometimes outlining feels so tedious and tiring but it doesn't have to be. Your outline doesn't have to be this super crazy 20 thousand word document. (but if it is, that's amazing) An outline can be less than a thousand words or even super long. You can just jot down all your ideas on a notebook and organize them. You could also go ahead and outline every single chapter. And do subscribe to my newsletter and get my free scene cards, character template and series template. Having just a rough guide for your story can help you so much.

2. Never give up, don’t stop writing

A lot of people say that it’s a good idea to take a break. And sometimes it is. But sometimes, a little break is not just a break. This ends in giving up on our story and wasting all that hard work and energy you put into this. And I don't mean taking a day off for yourself, you definitely need that day off. My advice is write through it. Pull up a different document and write that part your struggling with. Its very possible that its going to end up being really bad, but that’s okay. The important thing is that you wrote something you can always go back and edit this. And trust me when I say so writing more really does help you get this over with.

Don't get me wrong you need breaks. Everybody needs one and I totally recommend you to not force yourself to write when you really shouldn't. You know yourself and your limits. No one else can tell you when you need to write and when you need to take some time off. But a question you can ask yourself here is if you want to take a break because your story isn't going along the way you want it to or its because your exhausted and you really need one. But even if its the former you might not want to push yourself too much and that's okay.

3. Stay inspired

This is probably very obvious because one of the main reasons we even experience writer’s block is lack of inspiration. What you can do is read books and watch tv shows and movies. This isn’t the same as stopping to write. I know that some people say that its better not to read a lot because others work might seep into yours and this is true but sometimes reading keeps you inspired. Analyzing a story and figuring out what you like is very important. Why do you love that one character so much? Why is that one book so important to you? While you do this don't just copy the characters conflict or the plot. Be very careful that the plot of that book doesn't seep into your story. You can make a list of books and movies you know are similar to your book or the movie or book that inspired you to write this book. It doesn't even have to be in the same genre as what your writing.

Reading books is awesome but don't use books to research facts. Every single fact you read in a book may not be one hundred percent accurate. And if you do make sure its really correct.

4. Remember why you love this story

You may have had many ideas in your brain when you wanted to write, or you spent a lot of time brainstorming and finally landed on this one. Why did you pick this idea? Why is this story so important to you? What makes you want to write it, work so hard on it? Knowing the answers to all these questions can really help you. If you already know the answers write it down somewhere. It could be in your journal or word dox. Whenever you feel stuck with your story and want to give up you can read your answers. Remember why this story is important to you because writing it isn't exactly the easiest job ever. The whole reason your reading this is probably because your having an annoying case of writers block. And chances are this has happened to you before. But why do you want to write that story despite all of it? This step is very important. Once you write it down you can go back and read it when your stuck. Doing this helped me so many times when I really considered not writing it. This story is important to you and no one will be able to tell it the way you do. But why?

5. Spotify playlists and pinterest boards

Playlists and pinterest boards can sometimes be very distracting but also great if used in the right way. Make sure this doesn’t distract you from writing the actual book but having a visual of your book is really awesome. It gives you a better idea about the setting of your book, your characters and what they love. You can create boards filled with quotes which inspire your story in any way or you can save pictures of any one who reminds you of your characters. You can also create character aesthetics and set this as the background while you write or just keep it in a different tab where you can see it. If you do want to post these aesthetics or collages on social media do remember to give credit where required. Doing this also helps with finding your characters voice. Playlists help set the mood. You can make a playlist for your characters, particular scenes or even for yourself. You can pick out music which inspires you and listen to it every time you get stuck. If music with lyrics distract you, go ahead and play some background music. Your playlist can be what you think the official soundtrack of your book should be like. You can play the music and just imagine all the scenes you have planned out like a movie. That is how you want your readers to see your book. Do whatever it is which helps you to get in the writing zone.

6. Let someone else take a look at your work

It’s always okay to ask others for help. If your getting stuck somewhere and don’t know how to fix it, ask others for help. That part may seem extremely bad but send it to someone your really close to, it’ll help a lot. You will always be too close to your work and its harder for you to realize how you went wrong. Sometimes a fresh perspective is what your story needs. My first drafts are very personal and I don't let anyone read them but sometimes it's really going to help you. You don't even have to let them read the entire story, you can show them the scene you struggle with and just get some feedback. But again this is something you have to decide for yourself. If you want to publish then someone will have to read your book at some point. But if you don't want to publish no one has to read it if your not comfortable with it. You don't have to share your work if it makes you uncomfortable. But a fresh perspective is always helpful.

7. Set a schedule and follow it

Waiting until you feel inspired to write mostly never works in your favor. Setting a schedule and following through with it helps you become so much more productive. You don’t have to write for a really long time everyday, just try not to lose touch with your writing. This will also help you in finishing that book you never could finish. I love it when inspiration strikes and suddenly its so easy to write and the story just flows. But this won't always happen. A lot of times you just need to sit down and write. If its bad you can edit it. If its your first draft people don't really have to read it. So, when someone tells you to wait for inspiration to strike, don't do that. You have your outline ready and you know where your story needs to go. All that's left to do is to write it. This doesn't have to be early every morning. Sit down and make time to write everyday. This is the best thing you can do to get your book done and overcome writers block.

8. This could be someone’s favorite book!!!

How many times have you fantasized about your book being published and someone’s favorite book. Don’t you want those awesome comments on your book? Those five start ratings? Readers who really understand your theme and what your trying to say? This dream can turn into a reality if you don’t give up right now. if you keep working hard on this story, it really could be someone’s favorite book. And yes that is unrealistic but you can be realistic a little later. When you have writers block worrying about your books success really isn't the best idea. And I don't just mean lots of great reviews. Having one person really love your book is really great by itself.

That's all I have for you guys today. I hope this really helped you guys, if it did please comment and let me know. If you want me to do a post about anything else also let me know. Sign in to my newsletter and get more awesome content straight to your inbox and also get my free writing templates. Subscribe and get them now. I have series template, scene cards and a character template just for you. Be sure to check out my posts on creating characters and coming up with and developing story ideas for your novel.

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