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Do you guys enjoy making playlists for your books? Or as a reader do you like to make playlists for a book or listen to them while you read? 

Well, here is the playlist for my current fantasy wip! I hope you enjoy it and there are some songs in here that you like or that you find new amazing ones!! Some of these songs are inspired by a particular scene while some the theme of my book and some because they inspired me! 

Writer's block is literally the worst thing ever! But what if I told you,

you can work past it? That there's a way to beat it. Because there is. And now I'm sharing my mini guide of the same with you...

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Describing characters can always get tricky. From their physical features to their desires and who they are deep down, you want to give your reader an accurate representation of your characters. It can get overwhelming but it's really not very hard. 

But don't worry about that, I've got you covered. Because I am sharing with you my guide containing 6 tips for the same. Check it out! 

Do you struggle with creating characters and knowing what you need to learn about them? Or how much you need to know? You do not always have to know their favourite milkshake flavour. But aren't there some other things you need to know?

And that is exactly why I created this template for you! There is also a blog post that goes with this one, where I teach you how you can create a personalised character profile of your own... You can find that on my blog at

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